Work is about Serving and Honour

Two months ago I was sent to do some corporate presentations that I had never done before.It was part of my transition into a new career path.To say I was scared is an understatement. I was a nervous wreck.It was an important contract for the company that assigned me and the representative was restless, putting all of us in a tail spin. He expected nothing short of perfection and he did a great job of planting seeds of self-doubt in all of us.

For me, the expectation and the pressure were made magnified by the fact that this was a new area and I didn’t know what to expect. The days leading up to the two day presentations were filled with frantic research, prayers, meditation and scant sleep. As the company representative projected his fears on us through incessant checklists, I found myself wanting to check out. I was ready to give up.

I confessed to God that I feel like I don’t have a voice and I will stutter like Moses when He was sent to Egypt. This moment of humility and acknowledging my limitations led to me hearing God loud and clear. I felt that He was assuring me that if He could send a stuttering Moses to a king of Egypt, then He will surely be with me. I further sensed that all He wanted me to do was to go out there to Serve and Honour the people who will be there. And that is what I did.

I drove to the venue, still trembling with anxiety but I also had peace. A load had been taken off my shoulder. The event went better than I had expected and surely more than what the company had expected. I learnt a simple lesson from it;the pressure and anxiety came from too much reliance and focus on my technical performance, which is the standard by which we judge each other.

However, it was in availing myself to serve from the heart and honoring the people with empathy, deep conversation and listening to them that words on slides became alive and bore personal meaning for all of us. I left with a feeling of fulfillment witnessing the new fire in the audience and a renewed commitment to rebuild their organization and making it a humane and supportive place to work in.

I on the other hand,was left assured that with God on my side and a commitment to serve and honor, there is no place or project too intimidating to undertake. I hope you are encouraged too in whatever endeavor you are embarking on. Building companies and organizations is not about us, its about those we serve.

many thanks